Marlene Webb
Licensed Esthetician Wellness Practitioner
Decatur, Georgia, USA


HAPPY + HEALTHY: CONNECT WITH WATER: CLEAN WATER STARTS WITH YOU Water: There is no substitute! Vibrant-Glows Earth-Message is an educational outreach program that promotes water quality stewardship, and encourages simple ways you can help improve our water resources.                                                                   Start by Using Our Reusable Stainless Steel HAPPY+HEALTHY Water Kanteens!                                                                                Our inspirational message reminds you and others to make a personal commitment to safeguard the world’s most precious natural resource. Use a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated on the go instead of buying endless bottles of water in plastic containers. Drinking water from a reusable water bottle uses 85% less energy and produces 79% less greenhouse gases, even after taking into account dishwashing. Starting with the simple step of using your own reusable water bottle may seem trivial, but it creates a good habit. The more of us who take this simple step, the more it becomes the natural and right thing to do. Vibrant-Glow’s Earth-Message HAPPY+HEALTHY Water Kanteens are the ideal item offered for eco friendly fundraising projects for school, clubs, community groups and non-profit organizations. Please contact us via phone at 404.358.0616 if you are interested in fundraising.         With our green fundraiser, you can help spread the word about our worthy mission to keep water clean while raising money for causes that are close to your heart. Clean water starts by understanding water quality and clean choices you make with your home, yard-care and pets. Life without water on this planet cannot exist. Yet this fact is largely taken for granted with water pollution ranked as a major problem worldwide. Who’s at fault? For decades, Industrial polluters have continued to dump toxins that contaminate our oceans, rivers and lakes. However, thanks to hidden ingredients in everyday products, we too are contributing to water pollution without even realizing it. It’s in everyone’s interest to increase awareness of the value of clean water. This includes an understanding that safe drinking water does not happen by accident. To have an adequate supply of water that is safe to drink, we need a commitment. Do Your Part. Take Action Today! Cosmetic chemicals, cleaning supplies and plastics are a major cause of water pollution. 95 percent of wastewater samples show widespread use of chemicals. Wastewater treatment is extremely effective at removing biodegradable pollutants such as human and food waste, but it cannot remove the unregulated tide of persistent chemicals washed down the drain. Vibrant-Glow’s Earth-Message: ENVIRONMENTALISM = HEALTHCARE                                                                                         Take Care of Nature & Yourself!                                                                                                       Vibrant Glow Holistic Skin Care recommends the use of only natural & organic beauty products. Healthy Skin + Healthy Planet Say no to Microbeads                                                                                                                                              Say no to Phtalates Say no to Bisphenol (BPA) Say no to Triclosan Say no to Synthetic Coloring Ingredients Say no to Lead Say no to Copolymer Say no to “Urea as a preservative" Say no to Formaldehyde Say no to Petroleum PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF WHAT GOES DOWN YOUR DRAIN! Be an Earth Steward for Clean Water & Spread the Earth-Message of HAPPY+HEALTHY Water Kanteens with your next fundraiser!
Earth-Message reminds us how important water is to our health, wellbeing, and happiness.