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Being a holistic esthetician, I view my goal to empower YOU to live the healthiest lifestyle possible by arming
you with information to enhance your health, your home and your happiness



Basic Health and Beauty Solutions for Everyday Use
Being a holistic esthetician, I view my goal as arming you with information to enhance your health, your home and your happiness.  My mission is to educate everyone on the effects of harmful chemicals that are in most conventional skincare products, cosmetics and household cleansers we use every day.  I want to make a positive difference in the health of others by offering safe, effective and affordable product alternatives that are both free from harmful chemicals and are environmentally responsible.  And when you know better, you can do better–making better, smarter decisions.

Europe bans more than 1,300 harmful chemicals from personal care products.  The U.S. bans 11.  (EU Cosmetic Directive 2013; FDA 2015, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics).  According to a study by the University of California Berkeley, lipsticks and lip glosses contain lead, cadmium, chromium, aluminum and five other toxic metals.  Some are at levels that could raise potential health concerns.  This preliminary study of the metal content of 32 lip products suggests that toxic metals in cosmetics should be regulated to protect women's health in the U.S., as has already been undertaken by the European Union through its Cosmetics Directive.  (University of California, Berkeley's School of Public Health, May 2013).

The U.S. has not passed a major federal law to regulate personal care product ingredients since 1938.  (FDA Cosmetic Guidance Regulations 2016).  On average, a woman is exposed to 168 chemicals before she leaves the house in the morning (think soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lotion, cosmetics).  (EWG – Environmental Working Group).  According to Dr. Samuel Epstein, former head of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, “It’s more dangerous to put a product on your skin than to eat it.”  Why?  Because our bodies have detox mechanisms at work; our skin does not.

PUREhaven ESSENTIALS (PHE) is a groundbreaking personal care and household product line filled with organic and botanical ingredients that are safe, effective and trustworthy - the hallmark of superior products.

Ingredients matter.  That’s why PHE starts with the best and safest ingredients, and leaves out harmful chemicals.  From nontoxic skin and beauty care products to cleansing products for women, kids and men, PHE creates completely safe alternatives for everyday use.

As an educational consultant for PHE, I love being a source of truth in skincare and want to teach individuals how to achieve beautiful, glowing skin by the most healthful means.  I inspire people to become "ingredient detectives," i.e., those who learn what to look for in labels and what to avoid - as well as share a wealth of knowledge about transitioning to a clean home.  Many dangerous chemicals are hidden in the products we commonly use.  Once you know what to avoid, choosing safe products for yourself and your family is easy.

Did you know that you can help share this important message and change the world from the comfort of your living room by hosting a "LIVE PURE GREEN Workshop" to learn how to make healthier choices?

Contact me at 404.358.0616 to learn how together we can create a fun and informational opportunity that can be life-enhancing for some and life-changing for many more.

Marlene Webb
Independent Consultant ID#: 13268
USDA Organic Manufacturing Facility Certification by OTCO