I offer a wide array of totally unique facials and body treatments that will leave your skin feeling absolutely fabulous and glowing. I also enjoy advising my clients as to their daily skin care regimens based on a deep respect and understanding of the largest organ in the body. I use the highest quality professional skin care products on the market today. In fact, they’re healthy enough to eat! Many of my clients are anxious about the way they look and come to me for advice. Perhaps you too have a specific concern. A dull, lifeless complexion, sun damage, inflammation, breakouts, and dehydration are conditions known as “Urban Skin Syndrome.” As a holistic esthetician, I help identify the source of specific factors that put stress on the health of your skin, the very cause of premature aging. You can have the best skin of your life—at any age—for a naturally youthful appearance. I provide a safe haven for clients to just to be themselves. Don’t underestimate the importance of relaxing and unwinding from today's over stimulating lifestyle! Through the power of touch, I take my clients to a healthy state of wellbeing and tranquility. I include a facial massage (with all of my facials) based on the East Asian traditions of acupuncture and acupressure. I stimulate certain points of the face to increase circulation, boost radiance and improve your skin’s ability to absorb skin care ingredients. Many people don’t realize that the face has muscles and those muscles need to be stretched. By stroking and rubbing the face, lymph blood flow increases and toxins and dead skin cells dramatically diminish. Other benefits include increased muscle tone, wrinkle reduction, brighter complexion, reduction of puffiness, and softer skin. This deep "press and stroke" rub to specific areas of your face, focuses on relieving tension that causes lines and wrinkles. It also helps stimulate fibroblast in the skin to release collagen and restore elasticity that’s lost as we age. This type of massage has been a traditional treatment for decades because it literally wakes up the face! Japanese women are known for their flawless complexions. Now you, too, can benefit by receiving one of the best-kept beauty secrets for glowing skin!


Six Step Hydrating Facial with Specialized Skin Concern Serum 60 min/$65 Get started with the basics: skin analysis, cleanse, mineral mist, exfoliation, mask, head & shoulder massage, replenishment. Customized facials available based on the needs of your skin type & condition, including: Oily/Problem Skin Hyperpigmentation Dry/Mature/D-Aging Couperose/Rosacea Sensitive/Reactive Hydration/Replenishment Balance/Maintenance Purify/Detox Renewal Eye Remedy +$20


Nirvana Facial with Organic Jojoba Bead Exfoliator & Caring Crème Masque plus Head, Hand/Arm & Foot/Leg Massage 60 Min/$75; Add on Renewal Eye Remedy +$20 A state of perfect happiness through an aromatic mind-body balancing experience for skin renewal & relaxation therapy. Pure Vitamin C Algae Mask/For the Love of the Sea Potent Serum 60 Min/$80; Series of Three/$225; Add on Renewal Eye Remedy +$20 Facial “marine actives” from ocean’s treasures revives skin, while infusing vital nourishment to aid collagen synthesis.


Energizing Power Nap/Blissful Ayurvedic Head Massage 30 Min/$45 Enjoy the stress reducing benefits of touch to renew a sense of well-being & release of face, head, neck & shoulder tension. Ultimate Hand/Arm Restorative Care 30 min/$45 Three step softening & hydrating treatment includes exfoliation, nutrient- rich cocoa masque, plus moisturizing seed oil massage, to protect skin against harsh environmental conditions.


Bio-Active Raw Honey/Goat Yogurt Skin Food Treatments 60 Min/$80; Series of Three/$225; Add on Serum or Renewal Eye Remedy +$20 Nature’s first aid kit for deep hydration & silken texture. Full facial featuring Honey & Yogurt application combined with your choice of masque: ORGANIC UNIVERSAL MASQUE: 39 types of land & sea vegetables nourish, smooth & rejuvenate skin. ORGANIC TROPICAL FRUIT EXFOLIATION MASQUE: Gentle & effective d-aging treatment that brightens & resurfaces skin cells. ORGANIC CELLULAR REPAIR MASQUE: Regenerates & fortifies damaged or mature skin with calming phytonutrient-rich berry blend. ORGANIC BEAUTY MASQUE: Nourishing Magical Forest Mushroom Complex heals & rejuvenates for the ultimate d-aging benefits. ORGANIC FLOWER MASQUE: Active revitalizing & oxygenating masque containing a blend of flower blossoms to improve skin tone. ENZYME & PLANT-BASED EXFOLIATING PEELS 60 Min/$90; Series of Three/$255; Add on Serum Boost or Renewal Eye Remedy +$20 Boost cellular turnover by removal of dull, superficial skin cells to reveal a dewy-fresh complexion. Full facial featuring your choice of concentrated active ingredients to enhance skin refinement: Raw Chocolate Exfoliator/Organic Royal Rose Enzyme Honey Masque Mother Nature’s richest antioxidant meets raw food-grade apitherapy. Herban Cool Enzyme Firming Peel/Pure Hyaluronic Peptide Crème “Alive enzymes” from organic herb & juice powders plus dermal collagen boost. Micro-Pearl Dermabrasion/Flower Acid Peel Double exfoliation treatment for skin refinement allows new cells to fully mature without irritation. Organic BioPhotonic Lactic Acid Peel/Cooling Mineral Masque Powerful anti-oxidants/nature’s botanicals/unique seaweed plants/natural acid gives skin a radiant glow. Arctic Berry Peel/Berry Peptide Radiance Crème Innovative peel/stem cell system awakens skin’s innate beauty using illuminating plant blend complex Add-On Eyebrow & Lash Services Natural European Vegetal Color Enhancement Lash or Brow Tint $20 Combo Lash & Brow Tint $35 Brow Tweeze Maintenance $20
Marlene Webb
Licensed Esthetician Wellness Practitioner
Decatur, Georgia, USA
CLIENT REVIEW “I’ve been seeing Marlene for about six months at her lovely facial spa. The change in my complexion has been nothing short of miraculous. I’ve had oily, acne-prone skin all of my life and now have Rosacea. At 70 years of age, enough is enough with these blemishes! Since visiting Vibrant- Glow, my skin has become much clearer, smoother and healthier looking. Seriously, it really does glow! Not only does Marlene give the most thorough, relaxing facials, but she also takes the time to find what products work best for my skin and teams with me to help me continue her great results. And what a tonic a clear, glowing face is to my overall feeling of well-being. Thank you, Marlene, for the wonderful gift you’ve given me!” - TONI GRANEY
FULL FACIAL SERVICES 60 MINUTES Six Step Hydrating Facial with Specialized Skin Concern Serum - $65 Nirvana Facial with Organic Jojoba Bead Exfoliator and Caring Crème Masque - $75 Pure Vitamin C Algae Mask/Marine Serum - $80 BIO-ACTIVE RAW HONEY/GOAT YOGURT SKIN FOOD TREATMENTS - $80 • Organic Universal Masque • Organic Tropical Fruit Exfoliation Masque • Organic Cellular Repair Masque • Organic Beauty Masque • Organic Flower Masque ENZYME & PLANT-BASED EXFOLIATING PEELS - $90 • Raw Chocolate Exfoliator/Organic Royal Rose Enzyme Honey Masque • Herban Cool Enzyme Firming Peal/Pure Hyaluronic Peptide Crème • Micro-Peal Dermabrasion/Flower Acid Peel • Organic BioPhotonic Lactic Acid Peel/Cooling Mineral Masque • Arctic Berry Peel/Berry Peptide Radiance Crème Eyebrow and Lash Services Natural European Vegetal Color Enhancement


CLIENT REVIEW “Thanks to Marlene Webb for a wonderful, replenishing and relaxing facial treatment today. I always walk out of her center radiant and calmed by her serenity, caring and generous spirit and her exceptional services.” - PAT FIORELLO
CLIENT REVIEW “I had an absolutely luxurious experience with Marlene Webb and Vibrant-Glow Holistic Skin Care at Decatur Healing Arts. She is serious about skin care and her facials will take you into a deep realm of relaxation. Her touch is so delicate, and with that she is delivering such healing energy. You can feel the nourishment in the products she uses as soon as she applies them. If you can’t’ eat it, don’t put it on your skin, right? My skin is still glowing from my session yesterday. Go see Marlene and get some love!” - JODY GROMBACH
CLIENT REVIEW “I just melted in the hands of Marlene Webb, and luxuriated in my first Vibrant Glow facial with her. Have you treated yourself to facials? I enthusiastically recommend that you set your appt. for her treatments. Wow! Extraordinary! Thank you, Marlene Webb!” - MARIE FRATONI
FACEBOOK REVIEW - 5 STARS “Yes, loved the Vibrant-Glow Holistic Skin Care you provided. You treated my skin with the “royal touch.” I highly recommend you and your products, as you exemplfy not only the best facial, but the best personal concern and care. Looking forward to next time!” - BARBARA BROWN