Welcome to Vibrant-Glow:

A Nature Spa Sanctuary at La Piccola Villa

Welcome to Vibrant-Glow

JOYOUS NEWS! Vibrant-Glow Facial Spa services, with the ever-popular Gua Sha skin revitalization treatments has moved to a new location nestled among a ten-acre forest in Gwinnett Country. Just off Stone Mountain Highway, my new studio encourages a restful and rejuvenating escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

I invite you to La Piccola Villa – Italian for “the little garden home"!

Its design has an appealing charm that provides a warm and casual atmosphere beckoning you to explore further. The yard has been slowly molded into a hideaway brimming with a fig orchard, wild blueberry cultivars, dwarf mulberry trees, raspberry plants, hanging strawberries baskets, and climbing muscadine. Let yourself step back in time to experience all that nourishes your world-weary body.

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My clients are treated as honored guests in my home-based facial studio. All the benefits of my former spa services are at your disposal. At La Piccola Villa, you will enjoy greater privacy with a serene backdrop of woodland gardens, frequent sightings of wildlife, and a variety of songbirds to serenade you! You will take time to be kind to yourself. Know that this is your place to be completely nurtured with Nature.

Transform yourself with Gua Sha Facial Contouring

The Vibrant-Glow Nature Spa at La Piccola Villa is a place to restore your peace and nurture your spirit. Among one of the most nourishing ways to recharge yourself is to set aside time now for my rejuvenating Four Week Gua Sha Facial Contouring Program at my eco-inspired facial studio. Look as ageless as you feel as I enhance your natural beauty with my facial rejuvenation treatments. I’ve taken organic, botanical skin care to a whole(listic) new level, with alternative beauty solutions without injections, invasive procedures, or synthetic skincare that respect the integrity of your person and preserve the quality of your complexion.

The ambiance of my inviting studio space is perfect for relaxation and lends itself for a customized plan for rejuvenation of your Mind, Body and Spirit. Don’t underestimate the importance of relaxing and unwinding from today’s overstimulating lifestyle. It’s no secret that our physical and mental health go hand-in-hand with each other. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that skincare and a sense of wellbeing are also incredibly intertwined. Just as emotions affect your skin’s appearance, your skincare can benefit your emotions

If you who have already experienced the blissful effects of relaxing into your natural skin’s beauty, and seeing the years drift away, you will love this new space.

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Be Kind to Yourself
"The Secret to a Youthful Skin, Starts with Kindness from Within."    

You deserve the BEST, and it is my intention to encourage you to make “Self-Care” your number one priority! Now is the time to nourish your body and soul.

My Client's Statement

“Thank you, Marli, for giving me a peaceful respite from the cares of my life that sometimes overwhelm me. You are a healer, and your love flows from your fingertips."
-Linda Jones

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Delight in becoming more aware of the beauty of Mother Earth. The kindness and respect you show for wildlife will surely enhance your own inner beauty!

Nature and Nurture work in harmony, and that is why I chose to dedicate my entire property as a Sanctuary named The Vitality Connection Nature Preserve. It is my way to honor the land and celebrate the legacy of the indigenous history of the Muscogee Creek Tribe whose nearby sacred relics discovery has been of archeological interest. At the heart of my efforts is respect for Nature that has its roots in native people's deep reverence for the earth. The natural environment of The Vitality Connection Nature Preserve offers an array of native trees and plants to provide a sustainable habitat for wildlife. As a "Wildlife Habitat" certified by the National Wildlife Federation, I have established additional resources for animals including food, water, cover, and places to raise their young. By sharing my experience with visitors, my goal is to inspire and motivate others to make a difference by following suit. Every habitat garden is a step towards replenishing resources for wildlife both locally and along migratory corridors.

I jump for joy, as I see my Vision of good stewardship coming to fruition!

Come and join a growing, vibrant community. Your transformation awaits!

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