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Beauty Rituals To Do Before Your Big Event

Whether it’s a big night out on the town, wedding, milestone reunion, job interview, professional photo shoot, or acting on a film set, it’s natural to want to show up looking your best. Embrace your unique features and celebrate your individuality by enhancing your natural beauty with my Miracle Touch Lift & Sculpt Facials. These Signature Gua Sha Experiences will provide the much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation before your special event. Look and feel more vibrant and confident!

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What's Your "Miracle Touch" Story?

My Dream-Making Formula
By Beth Carter - Client

I previously went to Marlene for facials, but life got in the way, and I pushed personal care to the back burner. Then in August, my first long-term boyfriend from 1972 tracked me down saying he'd like to see me when he came into town for his 50th high school reunion. This was unexpected, and I was flattered that someone took the time to track me down. My question was why? When I talked to him, he helped me remember the young girl who didn't have the layers of protection over her heart and the scars accrued over the past 50 years. He surprised me by apologizing for anything he had done that hurt me or was unkind. His apology lifted some of the hurt others had left behind. He became my "Wilson" (from Home Improvement) and dispensed advice, including about dating, from over the fence. I started to remember the "me" who dreamed of what's possible.  

I decided I needed to be at my best for this meeting with him, so I signed up for Marlene's 4-week Gua Sha series. I looked and felt rejuvenated after her treatments. Regular facials are the best way to care and revitalize my complexion, plus provide food for the soul by nourishing graceful aging. I have hopes and dreams for my last half and deserve to appear as good as I feel. I just want to have fun! My new passion for dance ignites me with joy and energy. Each style —from hip-hop to Latin rhythms—is a wonderful way to express myself through movement and sway to the beat of the music. When I dance and really let loose, I step into another world—a world of my own, where daily worries stop existing. Oh, the dreams you can dream and make them come true!

Professional Photo Shoot
By Lillian E. Johnson – Actor


Marlene's Gua Sha lift and sculpt contouring facials go way beyond surface level. She truly has a magic touch! I always make sure I go see Marlene before every special event, like weddings, because her miracle touch brightens my complexion from the inside out. Recently, I came to see Marlene before a big photo shoot. I'm an actor and I needed to get new headshots for the first time in years. Headshots are always a daunting experience because you know that these
photos are what's going to make your first impression on casting directors. The products Marlene uses nourish, brighten, and uplift my complexion, but more importantly, the lymphatic drainage from Gua Sha makes sure I look sculpted and not puffy! Every time I go to see Marlene, I leave looking and feeling rested and refreshed, and that's something you can't fake with makeup. There is a magic to the energetic movement from her touch that makes my whole face glow and has me beaming uplifted energy. Talk about the right way to make a good first impression! I was so pleased with my results and my new headshots look great; I've gotten so much positive feedback. I can't wait to start using my new photos!

Super Bowl LV Halftime Show Commercial
By Candace West – Actor, Writer, Director, Producer

My special event was shooting the BL’s Seltzer Hard Soda commercial ‘Land of Loud Flavors’ for Super Bowl LV. I was anticipating long hours for the commercial shoot (which all of them ended up being 12-14-hour workdays) so I wanted to make sure I came in with my skin looking as fresh and vibrant as possible, in hopes to remain camera ready all day. I find that if you prep well on the front end, you are more likely to keep an energized look toward the end of an exhausting workday. I knew that visiting Marlene beforehand for her Gua Sha lift and sculpt contouring facials would assure that my skin looked good. As always, her treatment did not disappoint. I felt confident going into the shoot, and it allowed me to focus on the acting aspect and simply having fun. Shooting the commercial for BL was certainly the most enjoyment I’ve had on a commercial set. The world that they created (Flavortown) was such a fascinating place. We played as a trio of party friends who were followed on an exciting adventure after cracking open a can of Light Seltzer Hard Soda and ended up in the midst of a grand celebration. It was such an honor to work with so many unique creatives on this project! Thank you again Marlene for being part of my story!

Cathy Eads

I started upping my beauty and self-care routines months before my son's springtime wedding. I wanted to look my absolute best, not only because it was a very special family celebration for my son and his bride, but it was also the first large family event after my divorce was finalized in August 2022. I was making sure to get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, eat the healthiest and freshest foods. I have been seeing Marlene off and on for a handful of years and always felt my skin looked refreshed and super healthy after her treatments. So, I had some sessions in the few months leading up to the wedding and decided to go for her full Mermaid treatment the week before the wedding - to get the most positive results possible. I wanted the fine lines to be a little less evident, the deeper folds to be a little shallower and overall wanted my skin to look healthy, clear, and glowing - plus if I could look a little younger than reality, that wouldn't hurt either. I knew the Gua Sha treatments provide a general lift to the facial muscles so that was also a benefit. I'm prone to acne and certainly didn't want there to be any pimples on my wedding day face either!

I not only thought my skin looked amazing after the treatment as well as on the rehearsal and wedding day, but I also felt revitalized after the tender loving care Marlene provided during my Mermaid facial!

During the rehearsal dinner, my former stepmother in law literally said, "You are absolutely glowing, you look fabulous!"

The whole weekend was full of love and celebration - the weather was perfect, everyone had a wonderful time and most importantly, the bride and groom were very happy with how everything went.

After the event, my mother shared some photos with a friend who asked if I was one of the bridesmaids!

And in late July, I updated my Facebook profile picture (from about 12 years ago LOL) with an iPhone photo from the rehearsal dinner and I received so many wonderful responses. One family member added a comment that he was at the wedding, and I looked incredibly beautiful the whole weekend.

I will be the first to tell you that on the wedding day, I had a professional artist do my hair and makeup.  And Marlene helped get the canvas ready for that makeup application. I felt confident and self-assured during the entire weekend knowing that I looked my best - and felt my best - because I invested in my wellbeing all that I could, and then added Marlene's expertise to what I was already doing. I know her treatments helped me to look better than I could have on my own. There is nothing like Marlene’s full facial and Gua Sha treatment. Plus, I know that her products are always natural and safe for my very sensitive/irritable skin. I'm looking forward to scheduling my next treatment soon!

Reflections on Turning 80!
By Linda Jones – Client

The face in the mirror.
Who IS that? The quick glance passing by a mirror and then the shock of realizing it’s you. But not you. It can’t be. But it is. At what age does this start happening?

It really doesn’t matter at what age, does it? It’s still a reminder that time is passing and with it the inevitable changes of aging.

Recently I had the good fortune of celebrating my 80th birthday at the beach with my 3 grown children and several of my grandchildren. The youthful energy of this group was palpable and uplifting. Their healthy bodies and glowing skin were delightful to experience. I returned home feeling refreshed and enlivened.

A day later I fell ill with a cold that lasted for weeks. My face in the mirror was puffy and pale, not at all reflective of the wonderful week I had spent in the fresh air and sunshine. What to do? A day at the spa, that’s what. Off I went to see Marlene to treat myself to her two-hour Mermaid Gua Sha Facial. What a difference it made! My skin was refreshed and glowing, the puffiness under my eyes was reduced, the tightness in my brow smoothed out and my jaw relieved of the
tightness I had been holding there.

Thank you, Marlene, for your knowledge of natural facial treatments and your healing hands. My Gua Sha experience was everything and more than I could have expected.

My College Reunion in Spain
By Kay Lie – Client

Thirty-eight years ago, I was part of a pilot study abroad program in Spain. Last year, nine of us reconnected and we decided to meet up once again in Spain for our class reunion. Needless to say, I wanted to look my best and with the help of Marlene's Gua Sha lift and sculpt facials I succeeded. Her Gua Sha treatments were super relaxing and revitalized my skin giving me that fresh bright glow I was hoping for.

The trip was amazing. I looked and felt great for the big occasion. My skin was firm and had a radiance that was noticed by my friends. Some of the ladies wanted to know my secret, which I happily shared with them. Now they are all interested in Gua Sha facials.

After the reunion, I visited my brother in another part of Europe. The first thing he said was: “Wow, you look great!”
This was another confirmation of how effective Marlene’s facials are for keeping my skin healthy and at its best.
I definitely will continue having her treatments as part of my self-care routine.