The Vibrant-Glow Facial Spa @ The Vitality Connection Nature Preserve

Vibrant-Glow Facial Spa’s founding principle grew out of my dedicated advocacy for health and wellness for the planet and its inhabitants. I encourage you to join forces with me to bring about a more sustainable future.

As a member of the Green Spa Network (GSN), a nonprofit trade association serving the spa industry in support of action for a sustainable future, I support its mission to promote the vital connections among personal wellbeing, economic sustainability and the health of the planet. Through networking, education and best practices developed with a membership of the nation’s most innovative green spas, GSN is a resource for all people striving to build a vital planet.

Trees are the Answer!

Planting trees can make a significant difference in our fight against climate change and help restore our National Forests, watersheds and wildlife habitats. More than one million acres of our national forests need reforestation.

WITH YOUR HELP, WE CAN JOIN FORCES TO DO OUR PART! Our goal is to plant 1,000 trees by Earth Day.

$1 buys 1 tree. Please contribute at any level that works for you.
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