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Test drive: Will a Gua Sha facial actually make you look younger?

We tested the facial at Vibrant-Glow Holistic Facial Spa in Decatur

BY Christine Van Dusen

I made an appointment for a Gua Sha facial with Marlene Webb, a licensed aesthetician and certified Nefeli Jade Stone Facial Therapist who operates her business, Vibrant-Glow Holistic Facial Spa, out of Decatur Healing Arts.

With a kind and calming voice, she explained the history, science, and approach of Gua Sha. Then Webb showed me some before-and-after pictures. They’re pretty convincing; many of these clients look like they’ve had a facelift.

The treatment is said to lift the muscles, smooth the skin, bring fresh oxygen to the cells, and encourage production of good stuff like collagen.

During my treatment, Webb performed a skin analysis, a deep-clean foaming face wash, a once-over with a microcurrent wand, and finished with a facial massage with Gua Sha stones and a copper tool. The idea is to increase blood flow to the areas that need it most, creating cell turnover and, apparently, breaking up stagnation and congestion.

It was glorious… I actually fell asleep several times during the session. And the immediate results were pretty impressive. The “11” lines between my eyebrows were gone, the horizontal wrinkles on my forehead were softer, and my jaw, cheeks, and brow bone were lifted. And I was actually able to express my surprise at these results.

“A lot of people are using Botox now, but that paralyzes the skin. Gua Sha strengthens the muscles of the face and relaxes wrinkles,” Webb says.

As with any muscles, for real strength and results you need real dedication and consistency.

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